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We provide fastest trading using modern technologies. No delays in order executions and most accurate quotes. Our trading platform is available around the clock and on weekends. Smart Stock Heritage customer service is available 24/7. We are continuously adding new financial instruments.

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Smart Stock Heritage allows you to actively trade most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more, profit from market rallies and declines, or hedge your existing cryptocurrency holdings.


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Gateway Name Amount
Bitcoin Rosemary Williams $90,000
Bitcoin Mary Greyson $30 000
Bank Transfer Richard Melvin $80 000
Bitcoin Mike Peters $34 400
Bitcoin Paul Jackson $90 000
Bitcoin Peter Tor $32 600
Bitcoin James Anderson $45 200
Bank Transfer Anoi Luis $90 000
Bitcoin Mary Kennedy $56 800
Bank Transfer Rich Armando $82 600
Bitcoin Anne Grant $12 000
Bank Transfer Brie Smith $16 500